• 16/02/2021

    Locksmiths and Framing Industries now have new tools for distributing the Alumasa profile portfolio.

    MOF is the exclusive service that distributes a library of official portfolios that can be consulted by users of technical software sold by Esquadgroup, CEM and PrefSuite.

    This unique database in the world is fed by the manufacturers and suppliers themselves (of profiles, components and glass), who provide their data for use by Esquadgroup customers and resellers.

    Through this tool, Alumasa launched a wide range of content with its various window frames: Stylo, Premium, Seleto, Front Line (railing), Line 30, Line 32 and Line 42 lines.
    At the moment the portfolio is available in the CEM Software, but I hope that in the first quarter it will also be included in PrefSuite.

    Alumasa customers can access the data through the Software and have knowledge of the content available through the website:

    Customers and users will be notified automatically when there is any update and / or inclusion of new profiles and components.


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