A Commitment history

Alumasa Indústria de Aluminio & Plastico was founded in 1986 in Urussanga,a city in the south region of Santa Catarina. Initially, it only produced aluminum frames, however, since 2003 it has been manufacturing bathroom and garden accessories, made of plastic. In 2008 the company acquired its first extruder for manufacturing aluminum profiles and since 2011 has been working with a Refusion unit, where it currently manufactures 100% of the billets used in the production of profiles.

During these years, it managed to adapt quickly and efficiently, producing on a large scale and supplying the entire national territory. We constantly invest in our products developments, therefore we use quality raw materials, the latest technology and and highly qualified professionals, aiming to offer people, in a sustainable way, what is best in aluminum and plastic derived products.


  • Our


    To contribute in the growth and improvement of people's quality of life through the introduction of innovative and quality products.

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    Ecology, harmony and humanity are our values. We protect and defend these values.

  • Our


    We have invested heavily in new production processes, which has given us recognition as a benchmark in the segment.

Social responsability

Alumsa along with society ensures the social responsibility that guarantees young people and children the right to dream about a better future, leaving for humanity a hope and respect legacy besides a lesson in affection and love.

When we provide children with opportunities we can quickly see the results, because they very willingly grasp what is offered. And it's this students urge that keep us going. The Bairro da Juventude and the kids dreams are endless.


Quality Policy

Alumasa's Quality Policy is to provide solutions to the market developing, producing and commercializing billets, profiles, frames and ladders made of aluminum and plastic accessories guaranteeing:

• The costumers and partners satisfactions, meeting their expectations in technology and quality;
• The processes, products and services qualities, meeting all established requirements;
• The employees skills, providing resources for their improvements;
• The continuous improvement and enhancement of its organizational and financial system, aiming at better company results.

Selo ISO 9001

ISO 9001

What is it?


It's an international regulation which is applied in several market segments. It defines the standar quality in processes and products and it aims to organize and apply quality management so the company is able to meet customer requirements and provide quality assurance for its products and services. 

Which sectors?

Reflow, extrusion, ladders and also general areas linked to the sectors mentioned before, such as (Human Resources, purchases, storeroom, tools, sales, technical support, etc).
The scope includes: “The production and sale of aluminum billets, profiles and ladders. Painting of profiles, production and sale of metal frames". The sectores linked to them do not appear in the scope, after all they are sectores that complement the process.

Main products:


Billets, profiles, paint, frames and aluminum ladders. 



What is it?


They are a set of national rules, which are applied to several market sectores, in order to ensure quality, metrology and tecnology. Besides organizing and applying quality management to the process and to the products, they also  verify if the physical, mechanical and dimensional characteristics of the final project are in accordance with the national regulamentation.

Which sectors?


Comfort Ladders, Residential Ladders and Stools besides general areas linked to the residential ladder sector such as: (Human resources, purchase, storeroom, tools, sales, technical support, etc)

Main products:


Comfort Ladders, Residential Ladders and Stools.

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