• 09/02/2021

    Trends in Civil Construction and the Post-Pandemic Market were the main topics covered in the Inside 2021 Workshop.

    The Brazilian Industry Chamber of Construction (CBIC) recently published a retrospective on the performance of a new sector in 2020 and the projections of the Construction Industry in 2021, according to the data presented, a growth of 14.3% is expected in sector and show that entrepreneurs have an increase in the level of activity and a greater volume of new business ventures and services.
    Thinking about this scenario, Alumasa held the Taller Interior on the 4th and 5th of February, the event featured the presence of professor Alexandre Araújo, conductor in Total Quality Management Systems (UFF), specialist in Marcos de Aluminio, Facades Pele de Aluminio Structural Glass and Acrylic also a teacher in the cerrajería channel.
    The event involved employees from different sectors of the company, who will be strictly linked to the growth of the civil construction sector. The event took place through face-to-face training, in the auditorium of the company and also with 02 Lives to business representatives, who are directly connected with the end customer.


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