• 10/12/2020

    Alumasa holds 10th Internal Week for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents - SIPAT

    This week, Alumasa Indústria de Plastic e Aluminum started its 10th Internal Week for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and the 3rd Solidary SIPAT. The event has activities aimed at preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases, in addition, employees will be collecting food and also selling raffles for the “Salve Laurinha” campaign. SIPAT is another activity developed by the Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA).

    Objectives of SIPAT

    - Assist in the development of a safety culture within the work environment;

    - Reinforce safety values ​​so that they practice safety as the main factor in the development of work;

    - Guide and make employees aware of the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment - PPE.

    - Show clearly, simply and objectively the issues related to the health and safety of workers inside and outside the work environment;


    - 07/12 - Oral Health Day;

    - 08/12 - Hand Protection Campaign and day of physical activities;

    - 12/09 - Personal Health Day;

    - 10 and 11/12 - Eye Health Day.

    For the realization of SIPAT, CIPA obtained many partnerships: Urussanga Dentistry, Vitta Academy, Visual Health Team, Maxxipas, Djalma’s Restaurants and Farmagnus Pharmacy.






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