• 23/11/2020

    Alumasa will participate in Live Solidária in support of Casa Guido and Bairro da Juventude

    Musical Lives have been great allies during the new Coronavirus pandemic. Being solidary, it establishes a fraternal relationship with entities known to be useful in the environment where they live. At the same time, which helps institutions, shows the artistic potential of the region and provides work for musicians, most of whom are prevented from acting.

    The Live Solidária Sunset Show will have some differentials, starting with the unusual place almost 100 meters high, in the Helipad of the Metropolitan Business Center Building, in the center of Criciúma. The natural setting of the sunset mixed with the lights of the city and buildings at dusk, promise to offer an unmissable look to everyone.

    The initiative is by promoter Jair de Ávila, in partnership with pianist and conductor Paulovik Pizzolatti and RecBrasil Lives.

    Live will take place next Saturday, November 28, starting at 6pm. It will be broadcast live on RecBrasil's YouTube channel.

    Alumasa Indústria de Aluminum e Plástica, will be one of the sponsors of the great event.



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